Princeternship Stories: Alice Vinogradsky ’20, Ganchi Plastic Surgery

Participating in the Princeternship program with Dr. Ganchi of Ganchi Plastic Surgery was an absolutely phenomenal experience. Before shadowing Dr. Ganchi, I had a very vague understanding of what a private plastic surgery practice entailed—all of my knowledge of plastic surgery had come from the media and “reality” television shows, both of which tend to do a poor job of documenting a true “day in the life.”

Upon arriving at Dr. Ganchi’s office, I was immediately blown out of the water. Not only was his staff so kind, friendly, accommodating and understanding, but  the office was perhaps the most beautiful office I had ever seen. Everything was so organized and well-kept that I felt as though I were in a spa, rather than a medical facility. I certainly would not mind being a patient in a setting like that!

Dr. Ganchi himself was a phenomenal host. On the first day, I was able to attend to patients with him. During this time, we consulted with patients interested in pursuing plastic surgery, as well as with pre and post-operative patients. The patients were almost all extremely welcoming and did not mind my presence in the room. Some procedures that Dr. Ganchi discussed with his patients included tummy tucks, correcting the botched work of other doctors, calf augmentation and gynecomastia. On that day, he also performed multiple injections for patients interested in Botox and fillers.

On the second day of my Princeternship, Dr. Ganchi performed a face lift procedure in the operating room. I was given scrubs and the opportunity to sit in on the whole face and neck lift procedure. While I most certainly was not cleared to touch any of the medical equipment, I was able to watch from a mere two feet away. Dr. Ganchi explained exactly what he was doing every step of the way, despite several complications. Ultimately, though, no one in the office could doubt Dr. Ganchi, and the procedure was a complete success!

Looking back on the experience, I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to shadow Dr. Ganchi at his practice. I now better understand what the life of a plastic surgeon is like, and maybe even wouldn’t mind being one myself! I must thank both the Ganchi office and the Princeternship program for opening my eyes to something I had never witnessed before and allowing me to broaden my horizons. Never have I had such a positive, interesting, engaging and enriching two days and I look forward to what the future has in store!