Michelle Nedashkovskaya

Spotlight on Michelle Nedashkovskaya ’16

Michelle, the student president of the Peer Career Advisors, offers some advice and insight to fellow students.

What’s something about the Career Services office not everyone might know about?

The counselors of Career Services are all incredibly friendly and genuinely want to see and help as many students as possible. You don’t need to come prepared at all to come speak with one! Spontaneous talks are welcome.

What makes the Career Services office unique from other offices/services on campus?

Career Services features a distinct balance between “generalist” and “specialist” services–they’re specifically career-oriented, of course, and have advisers with specific fields of concentration–but they’re also all qualified to give great general career advice and help you explore bigger life questions. 

What has been your most memorable experience as a PCA or as a student visiting the Career Services office?

I had a great time staffing the Insider’s Look at Internships event at Mathey last year because it was my first time trying to speak to an unorganized mass of students – it was actually a really fun little adventure.

Why are you a PCA?

I have always been fascinated by the question of how our careers will shape our lives as a whole – there are so many possibilities! Plus, I know how terrifying the process of career exploration may seem sometimes and I enjoy helping people through that anxiety.