Princeternship stories: Summer Ramsay-Burrough ’17, Cornea and Laser Eye Institute

This post was written by Summer Ramsay-Burrough after her Princeternship. 

SRBWhen I tell people that I am studying chemistry, they often assume that I’m on a track right to medical school. For most of my life, though, I never considered going into medicine. Working in a lab has always sounded more appealing to me — perhaps developing pharmaceuticals and creating novel compounds. It’s only recently that I even began considering changing my plans and studying medicine. However, I had no sense of what a doctor did on an everyday basis. What were the interpersonal dynamics of a doctor’s office like? Was the stress worth the reward? To answer these questions, among others, I decided to apply for a Princeternship with Dr. Peter Hersh ‘78, a corneal surgeon specializing in well-known procedures like LASIK and less-familiar procedures like INTACS and collagen crosslinking.

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