Class of 2017: Hallowinning in Your Job Search

Okay, it’s a bit corny (no pun intended), but Halloween is a good time to confront your scariest job search fears. The savviest trick-or-treaters know that having a solid plan, knocking on a lot of doors, making a great first impression and overcoming rejection are all part of a “hallowinning” strategy. 

 1. Find the best targets.

 Applying online can feel like you are dropping your resume into a black hole. You may never hear anything back from the employer and this leaves you waiting and wondering—and feeling rejected. Refining your approach by identifying and reaching out to alumni who work at the organization can help you get your application noticed and build your network. Ask alumni for their advice and insights about working at the organization and any tips they can share for how to get your resume to the hiring manager.

 2. Knock on more doors.

 As a child on Halloween night, you might have taken time to scope out your route to ensure you would cover the most ground possible. For some, the very idea of reaching out to strangers may be terrifying. Step out of your comfort zone and network, network, network. It may feel strange initially — or maybe you’re a natural — but the more you network, the easier it gets.  

Read this great article for more great tips on how to overcome your job search fears and develop a Hallowinning strategy! Before you know it, your treat will be “Thanksgiving” a new opportunity! 

Any updates to share?

If you have recently accepted a position or made a decision about your next step–congratulations! Please let us know by updating your responses to the First Destinations Survey. Be sure to also let us know if you had conversations with alumni that helped shape your plans by updating that question as well. Thanks!

Evangeline “Eva” Kubu (@eva_kubu) is interim executive director of Career Services at Princeton University where she leads efforts to help prepare and empower all Princeton students and alumni as they pursue meaningful careers — she is also known as the #fairyjobmother.