Featured Jobs and Internships of the Week – Postings by Alumni

Each week the Career Services team will highlight new or unusual opportunities for undergraduates, graduate students and alumni. This edition features picks from Sher Gill ’21, a student who assists our employer outreach team to expand recruiting opportunities for Princeton students.

This week’s picks come from Princeton alumni. Read on to see where some Princetonians are in their careers today.

Picks of the Week by Sher: 

  • Galvan: Studio Administrator
    Galvan represents a new kind of evening wear – modern, clean and cool. The London-based label was established in 2014 by four international women from the worlds of fashion and contemporary art. They are looking for seniors who have strong personal skills such as the ability to self-motivate with efficient time-management and prioritization skill, to meet deadlines, and those with strong interpersonal skills with a highly efficient, responsive manner combined with a sense of urgency. The studio administrator will oversee general maintenance and operations of the Galvan Studio in SoHo, New York.
  • Merantix: Machine Intelligence Engineer
    Merantix transforms how organizations operate by building products that apply machine intelligence to their enterprise datasets. They are currently looking for seniors who can research and prototype deep-learning models, design pipelines for terabyte-scale data, and can build and analyze products to uncover scalable businesses.
  • Law Office of Elisa Hyman: Legal Assistant/Paralegal
    The law office of Elisa Hyman is a unique private public interest law firm representing parents of children with disabilities in administrative hearings and appeals, individual federal litigation and class action law suits. They are looking for seniors with strong work ethic who can meet deadlines and multi-task. They are also interested in candidates looking to pursue a legal career.
  • Fathom+Hatch: Cultural Strategy Intern
    Fathom+Hatch is an insight, strategy and innovation consultancy. They partner with companies and organizations to develop groundbreaking innovations grounded in insight into human needs and cultural shifts. Fathom+Hatch is currently looking for juniors and seniors that are interested in culture and human needs for their Cultural Strategy Summer internship.
  • Ivy Realty: Asset Management Analyst
    Ivy Realty is a large commercial real estate firm. They are looking for a senior interested in learning about all aspects of real estate ownership: leasing, property management, construction, financing, and investments.

Do you have any questions? Are there any specific employers or industries that you’re interested in? Let us know!